Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Three is a powerful number. Beginning, middle, and end. You, your partner, and the music. Cerberus. If you ever read the Westword's Cafe Society blog, be sure to check out Sean Kenyon's Ask the Bartender feature. He preaches that bartenders should keep it simple and often provides examples in the form of iconic drinks and/or recipes.

The Japanese Cocktail featured here was provided by Max La Rocca at Ohla Boutique Bar. It featured brandy, italian almond syrup and Angostura bitters. Simple, yet effective. He even unnecessarily apologized for the drink being cloudier than usual due to him using almond syrup he purchased in his home country, Italy.

This leads me to my next example, Portobeer Sandwich. I heard of this restaurant in the Time Out Porto magazine. You can also find them online. The decadent picture beckoned and I answered. Located at 1245 Avenue Da Boavista, it's part of the Porto Palacio Hotel. As you can see from the image below, it's hard to miss with their tinker toy construction. Portobeer sandwiches are only available in their outdoor dining area.

The sandwich, Queijo Brie, was made of three ingredients: a baguette, jamon (Iberian, I believe), and brie. The salty flavor of the jamon balanced the brie's pungent flavor nicely. The baguette provided the crunchy exterior in which to house the delightful morsels. The outcome was positive, another successful trifecta achieved. Portobeer Website

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