Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet Lindy Hop Portugal

Enough of the food, where are the dancers? After all, I'm here for the dancing, right?
Monthly dances are held at Maus Hábitos near the Coliseu do Porto. This video is from April's dance. Portugal has a small, but mighty and growing scene. New dancers continually filter in and progress from beginner to advanced. If you're ever visiting, be sure to check out the Lindy Hop Portugal website. Their parties go from 23h to 04h, so be prepared for that later start and much later finish.
The music will be fun since you'll be in the capable hands of DJ Abeth (above) and DJ Joe (below).
The dancers are friendly, welcoming, and want to dance with you. How could you resist Monica, leaders?
Also know that if you visit Porto and have the option of choosing Super Bock and Sagres beer, choose Super Bock. Carlos knows.
Even when there's much dancing, there's always time to chat and catch up with friends or make new acquaintances. Meet Isabel. She's never blurry.
If you look like Sylar from Heroes, be prepared for special treatment. Meet Diana, Joao Lourenco, and Abeth again.
Porto also has amazing views. There's much sightseeing to do even when indoors. Notice the casted shadows of dancers.
So, come out and visit Portugal. Porto and Lisbon both have excellent swing dance scenes with great people. And there's a great event coming soon called the Atlantic Swing Festival. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Most pictures were taken after a long exhausting 4 hour aerial workshop. Then they danced until 4am and some even came to Leça da Palmeira for Sunday aerials.

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