Tuesday, May 17, 2011

K-Touch - Brussels

Find the Brussels Stock Exchange, face away at the three streets stemming opposite. Take the left most street until you see the large tree on your left. Eat here. Those were the words spoken by a new Belgian acquaintance. Like a man who drank too much absinthe and scotch (I had), I "smoothly" bumbled my way to this restaurant at 22:45h. Like a hazy red beacon, it's sign beckoned from the tree's branches (from another perspective).
Open until midnight, K-Touch is an affordable option in the Grand Palace's district. According to my friend, it also serves remarkable food (agreed) amongst this street filled with Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese restaurants. I fell upon the menu like a starving man. #03 Tom Yam Haed (spicy soup with mushrooms and lemongrass, €5) and #32 Kaeng Deang Kai (chicken, red curry, coconut milk, peanuts, Thai vegetables, €11) were the choices. To fend off my stupor, I was given these rice crisps that tasted slightly of cheese.
Brussels is wonderful like this. Food seems to either features cheese or raspberries. It's simple, it's tasty, and I like it.
First course, the Tom Yam Haed soup. Swimming with perfectly thick mushrooms, the broth was fragrant and medium spicy. It was quite welcome since any warmth was tempering off as the evening continued. The place mat served as the perfect backdrop.
 Next was the Kaeng Deang Kai curry. It hit the right spice notes - quickly eatable while zinging the taste buds. The chicken was plentiful, the vegetables too few, but all the food seemed high quality. The complimentary rice and the curry disappeared quickly.
This is a teaser for their food presentations. The curries are simple, a double ceramic bowl layer, bottom with candle for heat, top with curry. Other serving dishes with vegetables and meats were more elaborate.

 I'm very thankful for this recommendation. It's great to enjoy good multi-cultural restaurants at affordable prices. You can thank Belgian's liberal immigration policy for this. The service was friendly here also. Brussels is more service oriented than Portugal while the tipping policy is identical. This means less frustration and a happier dining experience.

More art, other lit areas as seen through the stairs. The WC is tucked around the stairs.

37, Place Saint-Gery 1000 Bruxelles, Brussels. Total bill: €16 (rice crisps complimentary).

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