Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Well Dressed Man

Thanks to my eBay work experience, I watch fashion more closely. GiltMan and its corresponding GiltManual are also responsible. I found this gentleman on Barcelona's downtown streets and stalked him as I attempted a picture worth sharing. Two items caught my attention. Foremost are the cordovan/oxblood moccasin style loafers. I personally favor the rounded toe style shoe. The contrasting gold corn corduroys set off the shoes' color (similar pants here), while hitting the shoe line nicely. The second thing catching my attention was the tweed hacking jacket with its two right side slanted pockets. If you're able to zoom in, you'll notice the distinctive cornflower blue and near fuchsia windowpane pattern. Rarely seen in public, it's nice to see a hacking jacket worn well. Finally, the caramel shaded rims of his eyeglasses finish the brown and tan tones.

Taking his picture was difficult due to constant movement. Fortunately, he paused here waiting for a traffic light and I was near stairs leading down to Barcelona's subway system. He was also surrounded by two younger people, the woman you see him looking at and a young man. Their constant rotation about him as they conversed made it difficult for me to capture proof of the hacking jacket, namely that third pocket, the ticket pocket. I imagine him as a professor out with his students, but perhaps you'll have your own story.

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