Monday, May 9, 2011

La Boulangerie De Paris

Bread, pastries, sandwiches, coffee and more, La Boulangerie De Paris delivers in style. Today, I visited this Parisian influenced bakery for the second time. Their closest location is near the Pra├ža Mousinho de Albuquerque and Shopping Cidade Do Porto. If you enjoy bread and sweets, this bakery is dangerously good.

Yes, look at those sweets. Warmly colored macaroons (purchased 12 as a thank you to my Barswingona Barcelona host over Easter weekend), apple tarts, fruit tarts, cakes and more! Their glass coverings are so spotless you might think you can reach out and touch one. Go ahead, try, try to touch one.
The breads, those filling morsels of hard exterior and doughy tear apart interior. They will make you fat. Coupled with my love for olive oil I yearn for crossfit's balancing sadistic WODs.

I purchased two macarons, vanilla (branco) and mango (amarelo), along with two petite pain com cerais. The macarons are delightfully colorful and tasty with their fillings. The mango tasted of preserves, the vanilla of sugar and vanilla. Biting one collapses the outer shell into the interior releasing their true flavors. Read about macaron versus macaroon here. The bread was also quite good. Specked with seeds (I assume this is what cerais means), it's a great bread to tear apart and enjoy.
Mmmmmm. La Boulangerie also offers a variety of sandwiches, coffee, and other sinfully decadent pastries. The staff is quite friendly. Apparently, they also do birthday cakes and will even give you candles and numbers representing the birthday person's age. And it's so inexpensive. The items pictured above cost €1.70. Enjoy the other pictures below.

Cash register. Directly behind it is their baking facility with equipment.
Decadent desserts
Interior with waiting and dining customers
Exterior shot
Website with more pictures.

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  1. I'm lucky you didn't post a close-up of a croissant. My laptop screen would have been in mortal danger from my teeth.