Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Le Perroquet - Brussels

Know the word resto when in Brussels. And when you see posters for Resto Days act quicker than me. I missed Brussels restaurant week by 1 day. That's what happens when you don't pay attention until Sunday, May 15 at 12:42am and the last day was May 14.

Life goes on, so Sunday was food voyeurism day. As I mentioned before, the gallery district is a restaurant bastion. Le Perroquet greeted me Sunday morning. Their brick facade was a welcome sight along with their indoor and outdoor seating options.
Home to some parakeet art, Le Perroquet also sports a pita heavy menu. I had seen pitas advertised at other small restaurants the previous day so my curiosity won. That, their vast selections and good prices.
I placed my order when I was informed that the kitchen would open in 10 minutes at 12pm. Being that it's too early for good people watching, you can content yourself with a book, a beer, or the aforementioned parakeet art. Besides the bird lurking amongst the liquor bottles, there are painted wood carvings strewn about.
My order was based on two things. First, "Spicy" seemed too typical an order. Second, I felt Middle Earthy. Voila! The Mogador (€7.20)! Blanc de poulet, lardon, raisin sec, oignon cuit, salade mixte.
Brimming with small bacon cuts (lardon), seasoned chicken breast (blanc de poulet), yellow raisins, onions (oignon cuit), mixed greens, it was ideal. The smell was amazing, it was savory as it was colorful. Packing a satisfying punch, it was a welcoming way to begin a Sunday morn. Perfect for a hobbit in other words. The Mogador was also accompanied by four sauces. From the top left working counter-clockwise, I will attempt to describe them - chive yogurt, tangy vinegar (the winning pairing), mediterranean, and 1000 island. I was very happy for these choices and that they were complimentary.

In Portugal, everything is charged to you. Nothing comes with the meal free of charge. Brussels restaurants all had complimentary items as you will discover in my future posts. It's fun discovering countries' restaurant cultures and learning their differences. Just be flexible and ask questions if you're unsure.

The service was great here. Prompt attention was given when I arrived and during my meal. The WC is downstairs to the right of this carving.
Le Perroquet filled up nicely as the afternoon wore on. People shared the wooden tables and chairs with friends or strangers. Notice the man to the left. Lightweight blue blazer with varied plaid lining on the bottom third of the jacket, round black rims, distinguished white hair, cuffs showing a bit, black and white wingtip shoes that fit his essence. His outfit was worth a furtive picture.
The outdoor seating slowly filled too. Nothing like being comfortable with your pet.
Le Perroquet is located at Rue Watteeu 31 - 1000 Bruxelles. Go there, sample more than I did, take many pictures.

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