Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Licor Dukerma

 35 years ago, this man did not take his doctor prescribed medicine, Licor Dukerma. Suffering from indigestion, the liqueur would be the perfect treatment. It's Formula No. 2 advertises: "This liquor, prepared with the roots and leaves of the stomach, is recommended for all people who want to have a good digestion."
Well he survived his stomach issues and I purchased that same bottle May 25, 2011. It reputedly is 70 years old, but two weeks ago he claimed it was 100. It's old, it's dusty, it's mine. Other bottle labels state the following:
Important Notices - The yellow liquor, formula 1, and for people not used to liquor. The green liquor, formula 2, prepared as a formula for the distillation of aromatic plants and medicinal roots, should be taken against digestions but to strengthen the digestive system.
Warranty - All bottles carry in our signature label.
Licor Dukerma : Porto, Portugal : Fabrica De Licores Ferreira Duque : Syrups Liqueurs - lid

The paper around the cap is gummy and making removal hard. It's slowly coming off. The bottle is so dusty. A previous facebook comment noted it's urine like color. That's certainly true. Piece by piece. I see the lid's top and it's a dusty white due to storage. The left side of my lip is curling in a slight grimace. Please don't put me in the hospital. It's corked. I should have anticipated this. I hope it's solid enough to pull out without any floaties (that's what he said?).
 Sure is a dusty bottle. I wonder how long it had been sitting in the restaurant? I also wonder how much direct sunlight it had. Tore off the cap, cork still inside. Floaties seem a reality now. I can smell it. There's must and spice. Mmmm.... wonderful combination, right? I feel like a doctor performing surgery on a favorite friend, hoping my knife won't slip and kill him. Gently now, pull it out gently. Emailing a wine friend for a new cork. It came out easily but is rotten, blackened at the bottom.
Sweet, spicy, herbal smell. Pouring enough for a good picture.
It does look like urine. Little specks are floating in my glass. Slightly sweet, spicy as it goes in, slightly coats the tongue, heat trickles down the throat. Tried breathing through my nose as I raised my glass the second attempt - fiery. I need to find a Colorado bartender (emailed Sean Kenyon and Colt and Gray for Kevin Burke) willing to experiment with this. The sweet flavor remains after a few minutes. It's as if you realized you had orange juice on your chin and you finally licked it off. It doesn't scream sweet, but you know it's there. Still slightly present 30 minutes later. The cork is gingerly back in. Still slightly dubious, I'm waiting until morning for the final verdict.

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