Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Portugal Return - short stories

I arrived in Lisbon on Friday, September 2 and Porto Saturday, September 3. Here are some short stories.
First, I've been asked by a couple Portuguese if America has barbers. Yes, regardless of my shaggy appearance, there are barbers where I live.

Second, when I arrived Sunday for the beach dance, two dancers (Carla and Toni) started waving in my direction when I was still quite far away. Apparently, my 5 liter water jug carrying profile is quite recognizable.
Third, Carla and Toni were trying the lindy flip at the beach dance. She took a bad back twisting spill. If any old Skidoo reads this, think back to Jamie Cameron learning the lindy flip. It was very similar. 10 minutes later they are trying the aerial again because as Carla reminds me "you must try again soon after or you'll be afraid."

Fourth, Papajj Ek (rhymes with Star Trek), comes over to me Saturday night exclaiming about how wonderful blues dancing is and how he found a follower who can do multiple pirouette turns. Him and his wife, Martuska, will soon start practicing blues dancing.


  1. "there are barbers where I live" - And, yet, you go to Portugal to get your hair cut. Well, just the one time.
    Carla's philosophy is awesome.
    I'm a bit jealous of the aerials practices at the beach.

  2. you should try it sometime. You know, in landlocked Colorado. What about lakes or hot springs, though?