Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Il Cantinone Osteria - Florence, Italy

I failed. I forgot to write about another fantastic Florence, Italy dining experience until now. A friend's facebook post about a 3 week Italy trip awoke my memory.

One of the best streets for culture and food is Santo Spirito. Here I found traditional Tuscany dishes, fine prosciutto, tango dancers, and mysterious beckoning doors.
They finally opened and I was able to reserve seating for 1pm the following day. The next day I again filled myself on wonderful gelato. That's how I prepare for fine dining experiences in foreign countries. Dessert first.
Brick stairs beckoned downstairs into their ample dining areas. I perused the menu, having already noted the chef recommendations which were posted outside.
I started with their second item, the bruschetta topped with burrata, diced tomato, and anchovy fillet.
These were simply huge. I immediately regretted having so much gelato earlier, if only because it ruined my appetite. I ate this slowly, savoring each bite. This combination of bread, fresh diced tomato, and burrata was so filling. However, you can't just have one menu item at a fine Italian restaurant, correct?
Feast your eyes on the wild boar terrine with reduction mushroom and aspic of chianti wine. This is Tuscany here. Wild boar, mushroom, chianti wine. I mixed and matched and achieved a greater appreciation for boar and mushrooms.
This is another back dining room with wine bottles.
Another view of a dining area. You can see the stairs leading outside.
Diners enjoying their underground meal.
Noticed the exposed brick.
There is an outdoor seating area on Santo Spirito.
A selection of what you might find on Santo Spirito.

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