Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carlos Leaves for London

Carlos Carvalho, Porto dancer, is leaving for London this weekend. He's been a huge supporter of Porto's swing scene while I've been here. You can find him amongst the last to leave at the Maus Hábitos' swing parties. He's also been known to take Level 2-3, Level 2, and Level 1 classes during the week. That's a great help because classes seem to always need more leaders. That is certainly one reason he will be missed. 

Overall, he's a great guy. He's introduced me to sarralbulho and tripas. If you want to eat animal insides, eat with Carlos. I appreciate him because he's fun to hang out with, he's letting me stay in his small flat while I'm here in Porto, he does aerials, he's driven me home from classes, and because he dances so much. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. Get to know the many faces and poses of Carlos, Porto dancer!
Intense Paintball Carlos!
Super Bock Supporter Carlos!
Stern Though Surrounded by Beautiful Women Carlos!
Headless Carlos!
Head over heels Carlos!
Counting Carlos!
Carlos attempts sign language!
Stunned Carlos!
Focused Carlos!
Pool shark Carlos! This is how we digested Serralbulho.
 Carnival Camel Game Carlos!
Awkward aerial position Carlos!
Chillin' Carlos!

 Toasting Carlos.
 Group hug Carlos.
 Cake cutting Carlos.
 Dancing Carlos.
 Chef Carlos
Sugar vampire Carlos.
 Blurry Carlos!
 Sweaty Carlos!
Aerial Base Carlos!

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