Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Made in Home - Sofia, Bulgaria

I spotted Made in Home during a TripAdvisor search for Sofia restaurants. Customers mentioned "take foreigners there", "feels like home", "unique", and "healthy". I forgot the name and lost my Google Maps tab, but I had a vague idea where it was. This morning I headed toward my favorite bakery, but decided to walk on the right side of the Palace of Culture.
I accidentally found Made in Home. The graffiti drew my attention and I peered inside. I was immediately struck by the unique decor, so I decided to walk inside. Apparently, you can sit anywhere you like, so I sat at a reclaimed desk. You'll notice that most of the tables and chairs appear reclaimed. Above, the leftmost table is a reclaimed door over a low wall.
Bird cage and canning jar lights dot my ceiling partition. This ceiling is also covered in old newspaper clippings and music sheets. The other ceiling is specked with burlap sacks. Each chair is unique. Female friends chat to my right as American and foreign college students chat about long distance relationships, American vs UK "The Office", and making whip sounds with your fingers.
I was first presented with a Bulgarian menu.
It appears like a small children's novel with captivating drawings buttressing the words.
Each page and menu book is unique.
After I ordered, they brought a small cup with napkins, fork, and knife. The table is already sat with herb laced olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a pepper grinder, and delicious salt. Dried sunflowers and growing herbs dot the windowsills. It's a cozy spot away from today's rain.
The first menu item that arrived was the roasted red pepper chutney with Bulgurian white cheese and grilled pita bread dotted with sesame seeds. The pepper had a natural sweetness to them as if cooked with olive oil.  The salty Bulgarian cheese complemented the peppers. I laid waste to this dish, scooping the pepper chutney with my thick fluffy pita bread. I only wish there was more bread.
This whetted my appetite for my second dish, bulgur with peas and mint. A simple dish, yet not to be taken lightly. Do you see the steam rising on the left side? Maybe enlarge the picture. Each bite started with a mint steam waft at the back of the throat. The bulgur possessed a soft texture and tasted buttery. The peas were delightful and there was purple onion hidden about. I crave more.

Made in Home
Angel Kanchev 30A,
Sofia, Bulgaria

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