Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Borimechkata - The Bear Fighter

Welcome to the Borimechkata restaurant. This restaurant, named after a Bulgarian legend, "The Bear Fighter", features native Bulgarian dishes in a traditional setting. My group seated ourselves off to the right. I lagged behind admiring the decorations, noting the upper level, and looking at the traditional dolls.
This restaurant is great for social and more intimate settings, as that couple is warmly demonstrating.
Before we start with the food, I should start with what is on the table. Notice the sturdy pottery containing salt and pepper. Then admire the dishes filled with a spicy and mild herb and salt mixture. 
One of the best ways to enjoy those mixtures is to order the bread. The thick charcoal decorated bread. Tear it off with your hands and dip or pinch the mixture. My favorite was the spicier variety. In the background, you'll notice my yogurt drink. I like it best with a healthy dose of salt mixed in. Gives it a nice flavor.
Our dishes steadily arrived. To my left is the Shoppski appetizer with curds, strained yogurt, mayonnaise, onion, red pepper, dill and garlic. It was good, but way too strong for me. There was also the Shoppska salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, onions, feta cheese, and an olive. I saved the salad for last and was satisfied with my decision. Munching the vegetables was a good way to finish.
Next was shkembe v maslo, pork belly and stomach. They came with a very strong garlic sauce and chilli seeds. The belly and stomach was too soft for me, almost as if they were trying to slither away in my mouth. Except for the Shoppski appetizer, I had consented that my group order whatever they saw fit and think I should try.
Rather soon, we received our 500ml of warm Rakia, a traditional Bulgarian spirit. It is their version of firewater with a brandy base. I received so many warnings leading to this order. Yes, I know it's strong. Yes, if you think I should drink it warm, I will. Yes, I can handle my higher proof beverages. Yes, I will be fine tomorrow. Carbonation gets me, firewater doesn't. Go figure. We went 6 rounds before we ran out.
There's nothing like high proof spirits to bolster my food eating spirits. I needed all I could get before I braved the grilled chicken tails (aka chicken butt). I don't want to recount this, but let's go. You have to just pop it into your mouth and work the meat off the little circular bone. It had a nice grilled taste and the meat fell off the bone relatively quickly. However... that mental factor. One was enough for the rest of my life.
I didn't receive a medal for eating the last dish, but we did get the Hero's Appetizer with smoked sausage on shish, ribs, pork fillet, pork liver, and nervous meat ball. The sausage with onions and nervous meat ball were my favorite items. I did try everything on that immense platter. I have to say that this restaurant knows how to make use of the entire animal. I can't imagine how much protein and iron I downed in this wholly comprehensive meal. 
We finished with a traditional Bulgarian folk dancing demonstration. These things happen when eating with dancers.

Overall, I had a great time at Borimechkata. The food was robust as the bear fighter himself. I felt that I received a great representation of Bulgaria's native dishes here.

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