Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lokal - Prague, Czech Republic

My friends speak very highly of their Prague experiences, so I looked forward to spending time there. I visited Prague for 8 days in March. During my visit, I planned classes for my 16 teaching hours, wandered the city, and was introduced to Czech cuisine. Let's begin the journey.
This is Day 1 Picture 1. Immediately after dumping my luggage at an apartment, my host and I trekked to Lokal on Dlouha, a restaurant specializing in local Czech cuisine. While I viewed the menu, my friend gave me various advice for future Prague dining adventures. Advice ranged from beware the Ementhaler, restaurants near tour attractions, and menus boasting too many specialties. Look for small menus and the Ambiente restaurants.

Pictured above is the Butcher's sausage from Přeštice pig with housemade mustard and grated horseradish, and fried cheese with housemade tartar sauce. That sausage was fantastic. I would make a slice, dip it into the mustard and then the horseradish. It was the perfect combination of juicy and savory meat, mild mustard and biting horseradish. The cheese was a bold choice due to my allergens, but it was quality. I enjoyed it in small doses with dabs of tartar sauce.
I also came here a second time, hoping to try more traditional dishes. Next on my list was a neck of pork schnitzel fried in lard with potato dumplings. I keep forgetting that Czech dumplings are never what I picture. They're rather flat ovals rather than my imagined spheres. The schnitzel was pounded flat which is an apt description of its flavor. The lemon added some zest, but I found it to be an uninspiring dish. I enjoy the potato dumplings, though they were a bit mild.

Lokal offers a daily rotating menu with regular staples. Prices are quite reasonable too. If you look at the menu, I'll point out that 1 USD = approx 20 CZK. I've heard their soups are quite nice and naturally, I'd recommend the sausages. Otherwise, beware the slow service. They're great at seating you, taking your order, and delivering your food. When it comes to receiving your bill, best of luck. Bring a book or a movie. You might be there a long time.

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