Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Hawksmoor - London, England

It's another brilliantly gray day in London. Saturday's scorcher started with the Sunday gray which turned into pounding rain. Fortunately, the Hawksmoor - Spitalfield was nearby.
Oftentimes, my food adventures begin with a mission. This was no different. Poutine has been on my mind recently. A certain New Yorker is obsessed with it and I had some in Rochester. Could I get poutine in London? Yelp returned with many hits, but most proved fruitless (fix your search engine). Timeout London gave me nothing. After searching through the Hawksmoor multiple locations' menus for confirmation, I finally messaged them via Facebook. The poutine was confirmed, but only at the Spitalfield downstairs bar.
We placed our drink and food orders. I ordered the oxtail poutine and the Hong Kong Phooey Reloaded (above). I'm a sucker for peer pressure. Why else would I have a cocktail that blends 7 different spirits and tastes like vitamin water. That list: vodka, gin, tequila, rum, chartreuse, midori, lemon and champagne.
My friend enjoyed her Marmalade Cocktail. It first caught her attention online and features: Gin, Lemon, Campari and Marmalade.
Here is the focus of my trip, the oxtail poutine. The oxtail poutine was delicious. I was hoping for cheese curds, but at least there was some cheese. The focus clearly was on the savory and spicy oxtail soaking the chips with its delicious juices. In the end, I was using triple cooked chips to clean the iron dish spotless. Quick notes: I'm still hung up on the missing cheese curds. This can also come with an egg for an extra pound.
The chilli cheese dog delighted my friend. She especially enjoyed the cheese on this hearty dish. I can concur based on my small sampling. The chili gave such a great little kick too.
This is the Spitalfield location's bar menu cover. Please note that the upstairs and downstairs menus are different because they have two separate kitchens.
Here is the full menu. Overall, the Hawksmoor was a great experience. I hope to visit again to taste their reputable great burgers.

157 Commercial Street
London E1 6BJ

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  1. I reckon they used ogleshield cheese on the chilli dog, which is one of the cheeses I brought back for raclette night!