Monday, August 13, 2012

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen - London, England

Striding from Old Street Station to my friend's London apartment, I always passed Fifteen. I was struck to find out that Jamie Oliver's flagship restaurant was five minutes walking distance from me. His restaurant quickly got onto my "London To Do" list. I've seen his face on cookbooks and The Huffington Post. Who was this man and what was he capable of?

We had a reservation for four persons. I was excited. As the only one Fifteen newbie, my friends ordered the Antipasti Board with seasonal vegetables pictured above. This featured large green olives, creamy mozzarella with olive oil and spices, mortadella, salsami, pickled beets and charred butternut squash. My favorites were the mozzarella, mortadella, and charred butternut squash.
The delectability of the mozzarella drove me to the mozzarella starter. This featured mozzarella with citrus fruit, almonds, and rocket at Fifteen. The creaminess provided the perfect base for the acid and bitter flavors from the rocket and citrus fruit.
While I was enjoying the first of my two starters, one of my friends was enjoying this dish featuring pan seared scallops.
Here is the wood smoked salmon with potatoes, greens, and capers. It was an utter revelation. Nearly two months later, this dish has the longest lasting impression on me.
Dessert time was upon us. There were four of us and we had a troubling time deciding, so we ordered four desserts. This is one of my favorites, the basil pannacotta with strawberries.
The British cheese board, my second favorite dessert. Mix and match, it's such an enjoyment.
Our third dessert. There are no tasting notes.
Our fourth dessert. There are no tasting notes.

15 Westland Place
London, N1 7LP

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