Friday, April 6, 2012

The Local Pig Charcuterie - Kansas City, MO

Watch out for the stop signs! Are we going the right direction? How much further? I can count on one hand how many times I've been in Kansas City's East Bottoms. Maybe once to  visit a backwater blues bar. And definitely second to visit The Local Pig Charcuterie.
I discovered this place via Haus, a sausage and beer focused restaurant that will soon open in Kansas City near Martini Corner. The Local Pig will be providing them specialty sausages. Once you're able to see their menu, you will understand my excitement.

After driving past trailer parks, we finally arrived to The Local Pig. The red brick building stands out amongst the broken down and dusty road. And the mustard colored pig will surely catch your eye. That particular color reminds me of Florence.
Immediately as I walk inside, my eye is drawn to the workers chopping, sawing, and dissecting meat. I enjoy how you see everyone working on the products. It seems old school, out in the open, unshielded.
Once you're done ogling the butchering, slide over to the meat counter. They have multiple sausages, lardo cured for 30 days, flavored bacon (today: cardomom), guanciale, and much much more.
Zoom in on this picture for the full menu. It does change based on certain items availability. If you're hoping for something that might rotate, be sure to call beforehand. I find everything reasonably priced considering that it's locally produced and they demonstrate great care and enthusiasm for their products.
Here is my box of meat goodies. Notice their great logo. If you visit, check out their scratch 'n sniff stickers too. They also have a great paperless system for checking out using Square on an iPad. I'll try to have food pictures later.
A building preview of Haus.
2618 Guinotte Ave
Kansas City, MO

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